WrapUp Dog Coat

WrapUp Dog Coat

WrapUp dog coat, this is an excellent coat for hard to fit dogs; perfect for Bulldogs, Beagles, Basset Hounds, or any huskier hard to fit dog. Easy on and off with overlapping neckband and four-inch-wide belt that fastens on the side both with wide-cut Velcro.


Available in a variety of tried and tested materials.

  • Denier Nylon aka Pack Cloth - this is waterproof
  • Cotton Duck - the most durable and will be made waterproof
  • Quilted Cotton - will be made water-resistant
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt fleece aka Hoodie fleece


Lining Options

  • Basic - unlined
  • Lined - lined with 100 % cotton
  • Warm - lined with anti-pill fleece


Any questions, please contact me first. 


  • Sizing

    Size guide measurements 

    Size Length Girth Side
    Medium  20 1/2”  23" to 29" 10"
    Large 25" 27" to 33" 13"
    XL 30" to 34" 30" to 36" 14"
    2XL over 36" over 36" requested

    * For 2XL all measurements are required when ordering. 

  • Ordering instructions

    Include the following with your order

    1. Exterior color 
    2. Fleece lining color
    3. If ordering size 2XL dog's measurements and/or any size for a custom fit

    ADD-ON Options

    1. optional collar choose same as coat, or sherpa, fleece, flannel, and color
    2. optional reflective stripes
    3. request for Harness* slot if desired and measurement for location and direction.

    *If you use a harness be sure to measure with the harness on so that the coat can fit over it.*