Insulated WrapUp Dog Coat

Insulated WrapUp Dog Coat

Insulated WrapUp dog coat, this coat is made in a variety of tried and tested materials, with choice of two insulated linings, and lined with fleece.


An excellent coat for hard to fit dogs. Perfect for Bulldogs, Beagles, Basset Hounds, or any huskier hard to fit dog. Easily fastens at the neck and under the belly with wide-cut heavy duty Velcro. 


Available in a variety of tried and tested materials.

  • Denier Nylon aka Pack Cloth - this is waterproof
  • Cotton Duck - the most durable and will be made waterproof
  • Quilted Cotton - will be made water-resistant
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt fleece aka Hoodie fleece


Insulated Lining Options

  • WARMER  this is a single layer of light thermal interfacing
  • WARMEST  two additional layers; first, a needled insulated thermal fleece to conserve body warmth and then a cotton batting to allow for wicking.


Any questions, please contact me first. 

  • Sizing

    Size guide measurements 

    Size Length Girth Side
    Medium  20 1/2”  23" to 29" 10"
    Large 25" 27" to 33" 13"
    XL 30" to 34" 30" to 36" 14"
    2XL over 36" over 36" requested

    * For 2XL all measurements are required when ordering. 

  • Ordering instructions

    Include the following with your order

    1. Color choice for Exterior
    2. Fleece lining color
    3. If ordering size 2XL dog's measurements and any size for a custom fit

    ADD-ON Options

    1. optional collar choices; sherpa, coat fabric, fleece, or flannel. Be specific when making a request. 
    2. optional reflective stripes
    3. request for Harness* slot if desired and measurement for location and direction.

    *If you use a harness be sure to measure with the harness on so that the coat can fit over it.*